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Too Much Of A Good Thing

not enough, too much

I don’t want this to become a memory
Though I feel I’m continuing  to waste this energy
Thinking to myself that one day you’ll care
Not looking forward to tomorrow because you’ll never be there
You never miss a good thing till it leaves you
In your mind you’re thinking what can I do?
I’ve given my all…everything I am
Just to be sitting here looking pitiful like damn..
I really thought you would see my feelings were true
Now you’ve moved on.. acting brand new
This was my last chance to show you my love
I might need a little help from above
But was this really a good fit?
I’m thinking to myself was it really worth it? (more…)

Never Saw You Coming


I wish I didn’t feel the way I do
I wish I never fell in love with you
I wish I didn’t stay up all night crying
I wish I knew when to stop trying
It’s just that you hurt me so bad
You made me believe in something I never had
Then you used that to destroy me
It’s my fault, I’m the one who gave you the key
My heart has never been so pained
My heart is now forever stained
I wish I could just hate you
I wish I could show you what I’ve gone through
I wish you could understand
I wish you knew that me falling for you wasn’t planned
I guess now you never will
What you did to me takes some kind of skill
To throw away something as precious as a heart
Didn’t anyone ever tell you growing up that isn’t smart?
I guess you weren’t ready to embark on this endeavor
You’ll just have to live with that forever
I wish that breaking a heart was a crime
I wish I could turn back time
I wish my love meant something
I wish I had seen you coming

Star Of My Own


I want a star that shines just for me
One that shines so bright, only I can see
I want a star I can call my own
Somewhere close so I’ll never be alone
To warm me up when the days are cold
To hold my hand when I get wrinkly and old
I want a star that shines just for me
Please show yourself wherever you may be
I want a star I can call my own
I don’t want some silly imitation clone
What’s the point in silver and gold
When I can have something more daring more bold
A star of my own

I Just Want To Say…Thank You


Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for all the time that you spend
Thank you for staying by me the times when I was blind
Thank you for staying by me the time when I had a lot on my mind
Thank you for opening up yourself to me
Thank you for not leaving even when we disagree
Thank you for showing me I have someone to trust
Thank you for helping me say goodbye to things unjust
Thank you for being there
Thank you for not letting me fall into despair
Thank you for being the friend that you are
Thank you for showing me it doesn’t matter if we’re near or far
Thank you for showing me love
Thank you for making me laugh..well kind of
Thank you for understanding my silly mind
Thank you for showing me you’re one of a kind
Thank you

Elevator From The Past


The elevator has broken down, what do I do?
What’s even worse I’m stuck on it with you
I don’t know whether I should say something
There’s no way I would’ve seen this coming
Please, please fix the elevator fast!
I don’t know how much longer I can last
I don’t know if I should feel love or hatred
In all honesty I can’t believe we even dated
How did I get into this situation, someone save me! (more…)

A-Kon 25!

Here it is guys! It’s that time of year again. Time for A-kon 25!!!

What is A-Kon you ask? Well it’s certainly isn’t the rapper! A-Kon is the oldest continually running, anime-based convention in North America! (more…)

Once Abandoned Heart

This once abandoned heart
Yearns to be loved again
Loved unconditionally
If you’re searching for it
It wants to be found
It’s gone through trials
It remembers all the pain
Yet it will love again
Open your eyes and you’ll see
The heart is strong and willing
It’s been stomped on, spat on
It’s been torn to shreds
The heart won’t give up easily
It beats faintly
Yet it is still beating
This once abandoned heart
Is mine…

Just Yesterday


Just yesterday
We were in love
Everything was perfect
Never again
Why did you leave me?
Because I wanted you

Just yesterday
We were in each others arms
Why should we break up?
Am I a fool?
I fell in love
Because I trusted you

Just yesterday
We were holding hands
Everything felt right
Does it have to be this way?
There’s no going back
Because I loved you

Just yesterday
We were smiling
You promised me
This is so hard
Why are we separating? (more…)


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