Project [Infected]


The line to my emotions has been disconnected
This path I’m walking isn’t where I should be headed
And when you find me here it will be worse than you expected
I hate to bring this to you but I’m infected

There is poison coursing through my veins
It’s eating away at my soul until nothing remains
I constantly feel like I’m shackled by chains
Everyday inside my head it rains Read the rest of this entry

Fade Away

If I was just a memory
Would you let me fade away?
Everyday I am constantly feeling empty
I tell myself that things will be better the next day

The next week, month or year even
Can you even see my pain?
You say everything happens for a reason
Maybe something is just wrong with my brain? Read the rest of this entry



I want this to last
I want to forget the past
Are you that somebody?
This is more than just an hobby
Let’s start our story together
Like two birds of a feather Read the rest of this entry

I Forgive You


Broken promises
Broken dreams
Broken hearts
You once said we would never be apart
You once said you would never break my heart Read the rest of this entry

Be Inspired

I Will Survive


I don’t like to talk about it
It makes me want to cry
I told myself I wouldn’t fall into this pit
Some days I wish I could fly Read the rest of this entry

Rainy Day


The thing is I’m lonely but not alone
I’m staring unaware, because I’m in the zone
I hate being lonely, can’t you see?
There’s a deep dark void inside of me
I’m in an unfamiliar place, I’ve lost my way
Why was I left here, why didn’t anyone stay? Read the rest of this entry

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